Taking five at The Promenade with… Tarina from Tarina Dorz Interior Architecture and Design

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Taking five at The Promenade with… Tarina from Tarina Dorz Interior Architecture and Design

What is your business at The Promenade

Tarina Dorz Interior Architecture and Design

Tell me a little bit about you and your business

In the 90’s I graduated with a Built Environment degree specialising in Interior Design (in this century, it is referred to as a degree in Interior Architecture). Most of my work has been designing and documenting all types of commercial projects and the occasional new house or residential renovation.

What inspired you to start your own business

I started my own practice in Brisbane seventeen years ago so that work could be flexible and varied compared to my earlier years slaving away in a big architectural firm. Now that I practice in Coffs Harbour, I’m focussing on just two or three projects at any time to keep the work vs family life balance in check. It’s also reassuring to clients that I am focused on their project and not juggling many others at the same time.

What do you specialise in

I love the attention to detail so I really specialise in everything, from colour selection to completing a detailed set of construction drawings.

What do you most enjoy about your work

I really value the relationship with my clients and the variety of the projects I get involved in. Now that I’m practising again, it feels as though I’ve just picked up where I left off.  Clients from 15-20 years ago buy another house or investment property or are considering buying a commercial building and get in touch, so right now I’ve got projects in three different states.

What keeps you motivated throughout the day

Racing against the clock until it’s time to collect the kids and run them to sport!

How long have you been at The Promenade

I moved into the studio at The Promenade in mid-February 2017 to separate work and home life more effectively.

What do you like most about being based here at The Promenade

I love the outlook over the creek from my desk. I keep my paddle board at the studio though I haven’t used it as much as I intended.

What trends are you seeing in interior design and architecture

3D printing has really enabled fresh innovation in the industry. In the past where a custom-designed light fixture would require a minimum production run of 100 or so, it is now feasible to make just one.

What is your advice when it comes to home design

Regardless of the location or style of a home, I prefer to see it decorated with a few functional and beautifully crafted pieces, even inherited items, rather than anything that is considered “on-trend”. A home is meaningful when you are surrounded with furniture and objects that tell a story and that you expect to appreciate long-term – my role is to tie it together harmoniously.

Do you stock products in your office

I have a few of my favourite items of furniture and homewares displayed in the studio as it is more of a showroom with an indication of the unique pieces that designers can source for clients. They are available to buy though there are so many options for customising any one item for your home or office.

Where would we find you on your days off 

I love gardening but really, a day off only happens when it is pouring with rain and my children’s sport is cancelled so gardening doesn’t happen either.


Thanks, Tarina!

Find out more about Tarina’s business via the website or visit the studio at The Promenade.

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