Shearwater Restaurant

The much-loved Shearwater Restaurant is perched upon the picturesque Coffs Creek. The serene water views provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere and iconic location.

Set above the Coffs Creek in the old butter factory, Shearwater Restaurant is one of those special locations that you’ll always remember.

In the 1950’s and onwards, the local schools had their swimming carnivals in the Coffs Creek. Some young Australian Olympians even trained there.

The old butter factory used to release the buttermilk into the creek every day and some say that is why so many fish school below the front deck. We still offer stale bread to our customers to feed those fish and it excites the young and old alike. It has become a tourist attraction of its own.

Serving modern Australian cuisine with a nod to modern epicurean trends, the menus are full of delicious, tempting choices and our bar is stocked with a great variety of wines too.


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Opening Hours

Breakfast Mon to Sun from 8am – 11.30am
Lunch Mon to Sun from 12pm – 3pm.
Dinner Wed to Sat from 6pm.

Contact Details

02 6651 6053

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